CSV Midstream Solutions Corp.’s Albright Sour Gas Processing Plant Receives EPEA Permit Approval

CALGARY, Alberta, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CSV Midstream Solutions Corp. (“CSV”) recently received Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) regulatory permit approval from the Alberta Energy Regulator for its proposed Albright Sour Gas Processing Facility (“Albright”) to be built near Grande Prairie, Alberta.

CSV employed its early community engagement philosophy prior to entering the formal regulatory approval process for this development. Consistent with this philosophy, CSV elected to engage the community early and often about its plans in order to better understand personal and regional significance of the impact from the planned Albright project. “Transparency and true community engagement are very important to us as a company because we truly live and breathe our Creating Shared Value belief system,” says Greg Johansen, ESG Manager of CSV. Daniel Clarke, Chief Executive Officer elaborated, “We are proud of the work our early engagement team has done fostering strong relationships and building upon the heritage and initiatives that currently exist within the community.” Prior to finalizing the Albright development concept and type, CSV made a conscious decision to listen carefully and learn from local landowners and residents speaking about how best to address present social issues as well as future concerns and how to nurture a healthy coexistence and partnership. As a result, following startup of the new Albright project, CSV will directly fund and establish a community-based and led Non-Profit organization as part of an investment decision to help address community environmental and social issues through long-term collaboration and legacy building. CSV is enthusiastic about the lasting, impactful, and personal value that a community-led organization will create within the local area.

Ultimately, CSV looked at options to best serve residents and industry in the region and is pleased that there is a path forward with community interests at the forefront. The outcome to date has been what CSV believes is a healthy balanced discussion. CSV looks forward to growing its relationship with the greater region. CSV wishes to thank the people in and around the Wembley and Beaverlodge communities for their participation and support. Without the grass roots participation that CSV experienced through its engagement process, it would not have achieved this critical milestone.

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CSV Midstream is a Calgary-based company offering a full suite of services for complete midstream solutions. With a vision to advance midstream, they provide innovative, sustainable strategies in the engineering, design, construction, operation and management of natural gas and NGL assets, including sweet and sour gas processing, liquids handling and fractionation, and gas gathering and transmission pipelines. CSV Midstream’s primary focus is the developing natural gas energy industry in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

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CSV Midstream Solutions is an Alberta based company offering full services for complete midstream solutions. Calgary is home to our head office, and we have various assets located in the Grande Prairie and Grande Cache areas of Northern Alberta.

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