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Management Team

The right people to advance midstream.

At CSV MIDSTREAM, our expert management team brings extensive industry experience to the table. More than providing innovative solutions, we also bring the passion and care to look at every decision and opportunity through the lens of long-term, shared-value creation. We work hard to demonstrate operational excellence by incorporating energy conservation, optimal efficiency, along with social and environmental awareness and conscientious governance. Our solutions strive to bridge the gap between industry and community, both internally and externally. Most importantly, we’re here to address this growing need in Western Canadian energy infrastructure, including natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) processing and heavy oil upgrading and transportation—through sustainable responses that address today’s midstream needs and challenges.

Collectively, our Leadership Team has demonstrated industry success, managing and sponsoring capital projects ranging from $100 to over $600 million. Meet our team below. Contact us today.

Daniel Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

CSV Midstream Chief Executive Officer - Dan Clarke

Creating Shared Value is an approach to business that resonates with the way that I see the world and the fundamental belief in the “good” that people desire and a shared responsibility to help not just ourselves - but our fellow humans as well. Mutually beneficial relationships can make businesses and entrepreneurship thrive. As a professional Engineer with 25 years of experience in engineering design and executive management - I have been involved in the Alberta oil and gas industry for many years. Working for many years in engineering, procurement, and construction management I have sponsored and/or executed several successful projects ranging from smaller installations to contemplated projects in excess of $500 million. I am a proud alumnus of the Harvard Business a School where I adopted the theory of ‘Creating Shared Value’ as a business model and in that moment CSV Midstream was imagined; becoming my purpose to focus on reinventing the midstream space in Alberta. With a proven track record of entrepreneurial leadership - CSV Midstream was born in 2014. Throughout my career I pride myself on an unwavering vision, a focus on strategic management and a growth mindset. I have been able to consistently deliver client satisfaction and value for all involved. I have a true passion for developing an authentic “give back” culture with a close-knit community of colleagues, business partners and those living and operating in the areas we impact!

Growing up in Fort Nelson I had limited chances to travel but after graduating from university I had the opportunity to live and work in West Africa for a few years, and it really gave me a different perspective and world view. Fast forward years later and travelling is one of my hobbies. I try to make it a priority to travel to new places whenever I can. I like to keep learning and seeing new perspectives and to appreciate the uniqueness of people yet observe the similarity that we are essentially on this big rock together all wanting the same things… security, belonging and connection. In my spare time I play guitar and participating in art and culture as the process of singing and performing is a healthy escape from the pressures of this material world. My faith is the central driver of my life and by extension my family, children, partner, close friends, and colleagues. Creating shared value exists in every aspect of my personal and professional life and I find it is truly a blessing and a joy that I can offer as an example of how business was truly intended.

Rick Staples


CSV Midstream President - Rick Staples

I began my career working as an engineer in Alberta’s oil and gas industry over three decades ago. From the outset, I devoted my career to providing clean, reliable energy to people and businesses across North America by building and operating essential energy infrastructure. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to develop the technical and commercial skills, experience, and relationships necessary to develop and run regulated natural gas pipeline infrastructure, natural Gas Gathering and Processing assets and natural gas storage businesses in Alberta, British Columbia, and the US. I’ve had the privilege to serve as an executive in both privately held and publicly traded energy infrastructure companies, ranging from private equity-backed midstream to blue chip pipeline operators while contributing my expertise in project development, commodity markets, asset management and leadership.

I considered slowing down a number of years ago, but I enjoy the challenge of building midstream businesses so much that I opted instead to join CSV Midstream in 2017! I was drawn to the people and the leadership here; this was a team that I wanted to be a part of. I believe that CSV stands apart from other companies because of its people and its values. We all have a mutual respect for each another, we enjoy working collaboratively together and everyone is held accountable to deliver results. CSV has ‘the recipe’ to run great projects and we have our business processes ‘nailed down’. The leadership team has humility – the willingness to listen to others and to adapt as we grow. I find intrinsic value and satisfaction in growing companies, and my current role in the oil & gas industry allows me to fulfill my purpose of combating energy scarcity and bringing affordable energy to improve the quality of life for people. My family and faith are central to my life. When I am not at CSV, you can find me playing pickle ball with my wonderful wife, spending time with my grown children, skiing, hiking in the mountains, and traveling to our home away from home in Arizona.

Don Rawson

Chief Financial Officer

CSV Midstream Chief Financial Officer - Don Rawson

Before helping found CSV in 2014, I gained an extensive background in corporate and capital markets with 25 years in various roles for investment dealers and operating companies in Alberta and Toronto. My broad financial experience has been enriched by relationship building and networking with many experts and colleagues who I respect and admire. I have been fortunate to live and work in Alberta and focused most of my career on the resource sector, including more than a decade dedicated to investment research on junior and mid-cap exploration and production companies operating in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. I was one of the founding Managing Directors in equity research at a boutique investment dealer focused on energy, agribusiness, and energy infrastructure. In 2011, I was pleased to be recognized by Starmine as one of the top Canadian analysts for earnings estimators, ranking first in the Oil & Gas industry and third among all industries. I’ve held several corporate development and planning roles as well acting as a consultant to a resource company in a takeover defense that led to an asset sale and conversion to an Income Trust. I’ve previously worked in Investment Banking and held roles in treasury for a publicly traded gold mining company.

Working at a company like CSV Midstream is a proud part of my career as we have navigated through lots of difficult times to get to where we are today. It’s been very rewarding to see what CSV has achieved since we started the company back in 2014. I was drawn into the concept of building mutually beneficial business relationships within our own local communities. I like that CSV is a company with a community mindset that genuinely cares about how they do business. Growing up in Edmonton and ultimately settling in Calgary almost 30 years ago, Alberta is part of my being, and with my hobbies in landscape photography, fly fishing, hiking, and biking in the mountains. I feel very connected to our land and environment here and realise that we can’t exist without energy and that we need to work together to find reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for our energy needs that work for everyone. I like that CSV Midstream gets that and knows that we need each other and mutually beneficial relationships to flourish. In support of the community, I am a member of the board of directors of Prospect Human Services, a non-profit that helps people find work, particularly those who face barriers of some kind. I am grateful for all the special relationships that I have in my life - with family, my three children, my close friends, and colleagues.

Chris Dutcher

VP – Corporate Development

CSV Midstream Vice President – Business Development - Paul Nelson

It’s hard to believe that time can go by so quickly from when I started out in the midstream sector over 25 years ago! I have watched the industry in Alberta evolve and grow over the decades and in that time, I have also evolved and grown too. I am grateful and have been very privileged to be a part of this industry for so long. Back in the day I started with my honors degree in mechanical engineering, and my career began with an extensive project and field focus, providing the operational knowledge and hands on facility experience that is crucial in understanding the details behind the midstream industry. Looking to expand my knowledge of the business, I decided to return to school to complete an MBA from Queen’s University. With my technical skillset expanded to include financial and commercial abilities I had the opportunity to work with two of Canada’s largest midstream companies, learning a lots but also contributing to their achievements and successes. This time and experience gave me extensive insight, knowledge, and expertise to join another midstream company at the leadership level. Here I was able to help in the turnaround of an underperforming company transforming it into a successful and prosperous one by leading it through rapid growth and expansion before it was eventually sold. It was a very proud moment in my career for me. In other instances, I have led the origination of projects and identified business opportunities that secured over $3 billion of greenfield organic projects and over $6 billion of mergers and acquisition transactions. I am pleased to bring this track record of success to CSV Midstream. When I was asked to join the executive team, I was honored and excited because I felt that my values and working style align very well with the people and culture at CSV, and the optimism we share on the future of the business in Alberta will no doubt translate into future successes together!

I bring this same passion and enthusiasm in my professional life to my personal life with my family. The time that I get to spend with my beautiful wife and three boys fills my cup and is as equally important to me as my career. Our family enjoys travelling together to both historical locations and fun in the sun beach destinations. We also seek the excitement and thrill of attending professional sporting events and in some cases we all even cheer for the same team! Go Flames Go! When we are not travelling we can be found enjoying our place in Canmore, and experiencing all the seasonal activities that the beautiful Rocky Mountains provides us in our own backyard.

Chris Gossen

VP – Engineering & Operations

CSV Midstream - Vice President – Engineering and Operations - Chris Gossen

My 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry not only makes me proud but allows me to apply many years of experience to help evolve and grow the energy business in Canada. Joining CSV Midstream gives me the opportunity to return to my roots working in what I consider to be my true passion - facilities, operations, and engineering. Spending the first part of my career in the upstream Exploration and Production side, I developed a values-based and collaborative leadership style which has helped me to successfully lead multi-disciplinary teams in the evaluation, operation, and optimization of new and existing oil and gas operations. My experience covers the broad landscape of the WCSB including exploitation and development of the Montney liquids-rich gas formation in NW Alberta, heavy oil in NE Alberta, Upper Mannville liquids-rich gas in Central Alberta, shallow gas in SE Alberta and light oil properties in SW Saskatchewan. The Oil & Gas industry in Alberta has really evolved since it all started. Our company focuses on sustainability, efficiency, and making a deliberate and conscious effort to create shared value for our communities, employees, and partners. We are mindful of the environment and feel a responsibility to do things the right way and for me that is something I can get behind and come to work with enthusiasm and a smile on my face - everyday.

CSV Midstream puts a big emphasis on mental health within our work culture and operations which is important to me as I have personal connections to this topic. I am a huge advocate and supporter of the Calgary Down Syndrome Community including the Ups and Downs Association and PREP Inclusion for Life programs. Kids Cancer Care is another program near and dear to my heart and a personal cause to me and my family. I work hard to build a positive outlook on life, choosing to look at the bright side of things and living in the moment. It’s not about yesterday or tomorrow - it’s about right now. So, I try to live by that everyday. Music is also a significant part of my life. My family and I enjoy singing, playing and listening to music in our home music studio where I have over 2000 records in my collection! My wife, children, and I stay active together doing various activities and travelling when we can to gain new perspectives from different countries, cultures, and places.

Leanne Campbell

VP – Legal and General Counsel

CSV Midstream - Leanne Campbell - VP, Legal & General Counsel

I began my legal career articling for a brilliant litigator after graduating with a BA in English from the University of Calgary and a law degree from the University of Alberta. Shortly thereafter, I transferred to a pioneering Calgary energy law firm, then called Ballem McDill MacInnes & Eden, where I delved wholeheartedly into the practice of energy law. Guided by the notion of prosperity for Albertans, the firm was founded by Peter Lougheed and his colleagues when Alberta’s Oil & Gas Industry was still in its infancy.

I carried on as an external commercial lawyer for many years until assuming an in-house position with Alberta Energy Company (AEC) in 2000 — another company founded by the infamous Lougheed. AEC (and its successor, EnCana) grew to become Canada’s largest natural gas producer, and a leader in oilsands innovation. During this period, I was exposed to some of the best environmental experts and legal counsel, as well as the exceptional executives at EnCana/Cenovus from whom I learned so much about leadership. I also worked on disposition of the AECO Storage assets and led the legal strategy for coal bed methane development.

In 2013, I began working in the midstream industry. When I was introduced to CSV and the transformative way this company approaches community and shared value, I felt compelled to align my career with a suite of personal beliefs rooted in respect, supporting neighbours, and being of service.

The theme of my career has been to seek out fun, stimulating work, and to collect great people along the way, many of whom have become lifelong friends and colleagues. Through the years, I have also volunteered with exceptional local non-profits, including chairing the Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation, a cancer charity that provides funds to patients who require financial support during their treatments. I proudly choose to live in Calgary because it has been home since day one, though I admit that my aversion to cold weather sends me fleeing to Arizona every winter.

Jason Gallant

VP – Finance & Controller

Jason Gallant - VP, Finance & Controller

Hailing from deep roots in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry, I feel proud to continue in my grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. I’ve worked in finance and accounting for over twenty years and have acquired a wide breadth of experience spanning the E&P / Upstream, Midstream, and Oilfield Services sectors in both Canada and the United States.

I joined CSV in 2018 as a Controller, guided by the belief that businesses have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which they operate. The concept of Creating Shared Value championed by CSV appealed to this belief and has afforded me the opportunity to work alongside a talented team who continually embraces and embodies this shared philosophy.

I strive to cultivate open, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and customers, while empowering and supporting the many employees whose expertise, passion, and commitment are paramount to the success of our company.

When I’m not crunching numbers, I enjoy camping, hiking, and woodworking, though to the latter I admit a lack of true talent. Music also plays a significant role in my life; I sing, play drums and the guitar, in addition to writing and recording.

Driven By Passion, Fuelled By Community.

About Our Company

CSV Midstream Solutions is an Alberta based company offering full services for complete midstream solutions. Calgary is home to our head office, and we have various assets located in the Grande Prairie and Grande Cache areas of Northern Alberta.

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