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Welcome to our Albright Information page

We are super excited about launching this amazing next project even though construction hasn’t started yet! At CSV Midstream, we are dedicated to advancing midstream and Albright will be the next generation in Gas Plants.

Sharing what we are up to and any current information about the development plan is important to us to make sure you have the latest updates.

Albright 5-Year Community Timeline
Figure 1: Our Community Engagement Timeline
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Facility Construction Timeline and Milestones

Pre-Construction - Fall 2022

Fall 2022: Couple of days to complete


  • Begins after crops have been removed 
  • Involves using a small drill rig & survey crew
  • Minor Impacts: sounds similar to tractor noise
Fall 2022: Couple of days to complete


May - June 2023

Road Upgrades

  • Involves using a heavy equipment and traffic detours
  • Impacts will include noise, dust, traffic detours
May - June 2023

June - August 2023

Civil Construction

  • Survey Crews and moving dirt with heavy equipment (Scrapers, hoes, cats, etc.)
  • Impacts will include Dust & Noise
  • Contractors will have spill response training & processes, dust control
June - August 2023

August - September 2023

Pounding Piles

  • Daily time frame to be sensitive to reasonable work hours 7:45AM – 6:00PM
  • Significant Noise
August - September 2023

October 2023

Concrete Foundations Poured

  • Sulphur Pit, Towers, Office
  • Some added Truck traffic, however will be legal sized loads (not oversized loads)
October 2023

October 2023 - February 2024

Module Shipments – Wide Loads

  • 2 Weeks of continuous shipments, then Wednesday – Saturday until Feb 2024
  • Modules will be steel girder type structures
October 2023 - February 2024

February - September 2024

Peak # of Crews & Traffic

  • Legal loads from Feb until Start-Up
  • To include major Equipment packages, electrical equipment, crews
February - September 2024

September 2024


  • Flaring will commence for testing and safety
  • Equipment testing and first experience of normal facility Operating Noise levels
  • Initial De-Mob 1 month prior to start-up – Final De-Mob after Start-up
September 2024

Points of Contact at CSV

Michael Crawford
Director, Community Shared Value

Chad Merchant
Construction Manager

Greg Johansen
Regulatory Manager

Please use the above emails to send any inquiries. Please don’t show up directly to site to discuss questions/concerns – as this becomes a safety issue for everyone. We would be happy to schedule a chat and answer your questions – so please reach out to set up a time to discuss.

Pipeline Construction

  • Pipeline routes are being currently evaluated
  • General construction timing anticipated to be May to Aug 2024
  • Anticipated peak crew numbers 120 – 150 People

Other Notes

  • Local focus on construction/labour personal to limit traffic and transient work force
  • Buses & Crew trucks will be used to limit daily truck numbers travelling to site
  • Traffic speeds, dust, engine retarder brakes–CSV will work with individual residents and landowners to establish desired traffic and road related protocolsand signagefor all construction vehicles.
  • CSV will also be engaging and looking for community participation during the construction phase of this project to develop the philosophy, terms, leadership,and board forthe Non-Profit-Community-Organizationwhich will provide ongoing and dependable annual revenue for community improvement and positive social impact initiatives.
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The Albright Gas Plant

Albright Gas Plant Project

Figure 2: Albright Gas Plant Infographic

Driven By Passion, Fuelled By Community.

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