Full service for complete project execution and control.

CSV MIDSTREAM offers complete midstream solutions in natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) processing.

We engineer, design, construct and operate full-service infrastructure, including sour and sweet gas processing, liquids handling and fractionation, and gas gathering and transmission pipelines. Our primary focus is the emerging development of Western Canadian natural gas.

We go where energy and results are needed—to meet growing demand and relieve strained infrastructure. We work to create shared value and positive impact through sustainable practices and community-focused culture.

Emphasis is placed on respect and collaboration with our First Nations community, and on Health, Safety and Environmental awareness, both internally and externally.

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Inclusive strategies maximize your development plan.

Project accountability.

Guaranteed cost assurance.

Shared-risk approach.

Our innovative business strategies help producers address midstream challenges and adapt expansion amid concerns about capital risk and fee exposure.

The natural gas and liquids industry is changing. Current drilling practices are driving increased processing and capacity demands that cannot be met by current midstream infrastructure and commercial models.

In addition, environmental and social awareness are changing how industry operates. Midstream solutions need to be inclusive of all involved, factoring environmental impact and energy conservation into long-term business objectives.

Our goal is to work together to advance midstream solutions.

Our innovative business models integrate full service management, and accountability and excellence in project execution to achieve assured capital expenditure budgets and schedules. We collaborate with industry and community for sustainable solutions, with an eye to the future.

Our guaranteed cost assurance and capacity takes the guesswork out of economic forecasting and project control for maximized customer returns. Our assurance scope includes facility management, capital cost expenditure, operation costs, and design performance and capacity—for complete project accountability.

Our shared-risk approach assures transparent and real-time financial stewardship for reliable and predictable results that further maximize customer return-on-capital. We work to identify, and then mitigate, the risks involved in project execution and facility operation—for the most efficient business and strategic alignment.

Grow your assets—with inclusive strategies that address today’s midstream challenges.


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