CSV Karr

LSD: 06-18-066-04 W6M


The CSV Karr Gas Plant (“CSV Karr” or “Plant”) is located approximately 60 km south of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

The facility currently operates as a sour compression and dehydration and liquids processing facility with an inlet capacity of 100 Million cubic feet per day of gas and 15,000 barrels per day of hydrocarbon liquids. 

A major expansion to the facility is currently under construction to increase the Plant’s capacity to 150 Million cubic feet per day of gas including 70 million cubic feet per day of gas processing.   The gas processing train of the Plant includes amine sweetening and refrigeration for the recovery of NGL (C3+) products.  The expansion also includes a major liquids processing expansion to increase the inlet hydrocarbon liquids handling capability to 30,000 barrels per day.   The Plant is capable of processing both crude oil and condensate (C5+) products.  The site will be connected to the TCPL NGTL Sales Gas Pipeline System and two third-party sour gas gathering systems.   Acid gas from the sweetening process is blended with sour raw gas and sent to third-party facilities for further processing.   The site will also be connected to the Pembina Liquids system for NGL (C3+) and crude oil egress as well as to a third-party processing facility for condensate (C5+) egress.

The Gas Plant Expansion is currently under construction with start-up planned for Q2 2020.   CSV Karr is underpinned by a long-term contract with an intermediate exploration and production company.

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